Thursday, November 14, 2013

…I am a Jewelry in Candles Representitive.

I love candles and I love jewelry so when I had the opportunity to become a rep I took it!
Our products are some of the industries best with bold scents and prizes hidden inside every jewelry candle, wax tart and aroma beads. Genuine 100% natural soy wax is safe, has a beautiful patina look and burns cleanly in your home.
No only do you get an awesome candle you also get to pick a piece of jewelry that will be hidden in the wax and relieved after you burn it.
There are currently 16 scents available in a 21oz candle or a Jumbo 5.5oz pack of tarts.
Within the next week or so we will be offering 11 new scents including:
  1. Winter Pine
  2. Christmas Wreath
  3. Frankincense and Myrrh
  4. Merry Mistletoe
  5. Pecan Pie​
  6. Gentleman
  7. Hazelnut Coffee
  8. Honeysuckle
  9. Island Hibiscus
  10. Tranquility (layered – Lavender, Vanilla, Day at the Spa)
  11. Neapolitan (layered – Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate)
If you’re interested please visit my website and take a look around:
These make great gifts!
Use coupon code: discoverjic and save 25% off your first order!
I have sample scents if you’d like to smell before you buy.
If you want to become a rep visit my page and sign up!  It’s free until the 24th.

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