Thursday, March 15, 2018

Day 35 – Products we like

I’m about a month in now and I’m pretty much used to the braces.  I've got all 4 molar bands on now.  I don’t use the wax any longer.  I think my lips and cheeks have toughened up.  I’m eating a lot better with them but still sticking to soft foods.  I do have to say that getting braces is a great diet plan.  I’ve lost 10 pounds since February 7th (install day).  A lot of the weight was lost in the beginning due to not being able to eat but now I find myself passing on the office sweets and not snacking between meals because I don’t want to have to get up and spend 15 minutes in the bathroom brushing and flossing my teeth.

I haven’t seen a significant change in my teeth yet but I have noticed that my top teeth have space between them now.  I can tell a big difference when I’m flossing.  It used to be a struggle to get the floss between all of my teeth but now my teeth don’t even touch.  Progress!  The bottom teeth still feel and look the same to me.  My next appointment isn’t until mid April and I still have the original wire and purple rubber bands (ligatures) on.  All in all it took a month to get everything full installed and now I will go in every 4-6 weeks for adjustments.

I did want to share some items that my boyfriend and I have purchased that make our brushing routine a little easier.  The first is a water flosser.  This devise is great at removing food from the braces and in between the teeth.  I’ve been having a green smoothie for breakfast lately and even though I’ll brush at work after drinking it when I water floss after I get home I can still see little pieces spinach and kale getting rinsed away.  

We went with the Waterpik Ulta Plus.  Costso has a special right now where you get the Waterpik Ulta Plus and a Nano (travel size) one for free.  Plus they are an extra $20 off making the price $59.99.  Water flossing takes a few times to get the hang of but now I can’t imagine not doing it.      

The next item we like are floss threaders.  Even though we use the water flosser we still use regular floss too.  The floss threaders make it easier to get the floss between the wire and the tooth.  I got these DenTek ones on Amazon.  I like to tie the end of the floss to the threader.   

For floss I started using Cocofloss before I got my braces.  This stuff is amazing!  Seriously, you have to try it!  It’s somewhat textured so it scrubs between the teeth so well.  Use this link and get $5.00 off your first order!

As far as tooth brushes go we continued to use the Arm & Hammer electric toothbrushes we have always used.  They are inexpensive and work well.  I usually get them at Walmart or Amazon.  

Last but not least: mouthwash.  We use Act Braces Care.  Again, found at WalMart but you can also get it on Amazon. 

From start to finish; water flossing, brushing, regular flossing then mouth wash, our nighttime dental routine can take up to 15 minutes now but it’s worth it!  I certainly don’t want any cavities or white spots!