Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Day 97 - 2nd adjustment

I can't believe I've been in braces for almost 100 days!  It really doesn't seem like it's been that long.

I had my 2nd adjustment today.  My orthodontist left me in the same size wire (thank goodness, I was sore all month from going to a thicker wire at my last appointment).  Due to my stubborn bottom tooth he decided to use a stronger spring to push apart the 2 teeth next to the crooked one and he removed the bracket as well.  Hopefully next month there will be more room and that stubborn tooth will turn into place.

I honestly don't see that much difference when I look at my before and after picture but I can definitely tell when I'm flossing that I have more space between my teeth.  My bite feels different now too.

Rockin' the rainbow!
Making room for that stubborn tooth.
I have to say that this past month has been the sorest so far.  I can totally tell a difference in the thicker wire.  Most days my teeth have been sore but after eating something that requires a lot of chewing my teeth will ache for a long time.  I try to stay positive and think that sore teeth means that they are moving and I'll soon have straight teeth!

One last photo...who doesn't love these Snapchat filters?!?!  It's great to see if there's food stuck in my teeth (which happens all the time now!)