Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Day 266 – Teeth filing

It's Halloween!

I had another adjustment today.  On the top my orthodontist left the same wire in place and just changed out the power chain.  I went with a light purple this time.  There’s not as many color choices in the chains as there is in the individual rubber bands. 

On the bottom he said we’re going to work on closing up some of these gaps.  He asked the assistant to remove the wire and he came back with a Dremel looking tool!  He explained that my bottom front teeth were like an upside-down triangle and he had to shave some tooth off the sides or else the gaps at the bottom would never close.  I thought he was going to numb me first but he assured me I wouldn’t feel a thing.  I totally didn’t believe him because it hurts even when they’ve had to scrape glue off a tooth to fix a broken bracket.  But…I really didn’t feel it.  The noise sounded like I was getting a cavity filled but there was no pain!   

After my teeth were made more rectangular (rather than triangular) he had the assistant install a thicker wire on the bottom and a power chain again.  I was a little sore leaving the orthodontist office but I was really sore this morning.  But I expect it now.
Day 1 vs. Day 266
Day 1 vs. Day 266
 I’m looking forward to seeing how my bottom teeth come together over these next 4-5 weeks.
More uniform shaped teeth compared to last month.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Day 4 – Mazatlán

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Today we are in Mazatlán.  Although we’ve taken this cruise 3 times now this is our first time in Mazatlán.  Our first cruise to the Mexican Riviera had 2 days in Cabo.  Our next trip we crashed into the dock in Puerta Vallarta and had to stay there an extra day while the ship was repaired.

I was up at 7:30am and went outside to watch us pull in to Mazatlán.  I ran over to the Lido deck to grab some coffee and enjoyed it outside while we finished docking. 

We went up the Lido deck at 8:15am for a quick breakfast from the buffet and we were off the ship by 8:30am. 

We like to explore on our own so we followed the Blue Line to down town and eventually made our way to the beach.

We walked some more and found these stairs heading down the hillside to the beach.  It was a long way down and a long way back up!

After that little hike we cooled off with fresh coconut juice!  It was $3.00.

We did some more walking and came across a 1-hour boat tour and trip to a resort on Stone Island that included lunch and an open bar.  It sounded like a good deal to us! 

On the boat tour we saw caves in the hillside at the bottom of the El Faro Lighthouse.  El Faro is the 2nd highest lighthouse in the world.  They recently built a glass floor view point off the top of the lighthouse.

The boat took us out to see the white rocks in the ocean.  They are white because they are covered in bird poop! 

We saw one lone sea lion and the tour guide said he’s a lazy sea lion and doesn’t migrate with the others.  He likes to stay in Mazatlán.

The boat then took us to Stone Island.  We took a little tram to Casa Cordon.  So “open bar” may have been a little misleading but there was still free, all you can drink, alcohol.  We started out with drinks and grabbed a table so we could put our food order in.

I had a quesadilla and chicken with beans and rice.  We ordered chips and guacamole too.  The guacamole was made to order so we were able to get it with no onions.

After eating and drinking for a while we decided to rent quads to ride down the beach.  It was $25 for ½ hour.  We found a few abandoned houses.

There was so many palm trees/coconut trees.  It was so tropical and beautiful!  We seriously want to buy a home here and retire in Mexico.

After we made our way back to the resort we did a little shopping from the beach vendors.  I ended up with a ring for $10 and a hammock for $20.  

We spend a little time splashing in the ocean and then it was time to head back to the ship.  Poor Henry had to stand on the steps because there was no room for him to sit.  

Once we got back to the port we had about 30 minutes until we had to board so I did a little shopping and had another coconut, but this time it had a shot of tequila in it!

Since the port is more of an industrial port we had to take a trolly back to the ship.

Sad to be leaving Mazatlan.

Henry had bought a 6 pack of beer and had no issues bringing it back on board.  

We were back on the ship by 4:30pm and cruising by 5:00pm.

Henry opted for a nap before dinner and I went walking around the ship for a bit.  
At 5:30 there was a moment of silence for 9-11.  After that I returned to the room and rested until we went to dinner at 8:30pm.  Before we headed to the dinning room we went out on our secret deck to watch the lightening storm.

For my appetizers I had the Roasted Pumpkin Soup and the Tostilocos.

My main course was the Braised Short Ribs. 

For dessert I had Rhubarb Pie.  

When we returned to our room it had been cleaned and we had a Stingray towel animal!

I hung our room service order on the door and we were in bed by 9:30pm.