Friday, August 10, 2018

Day 181 - 5th adjustment

6 months down!  1/4 of the way through treatment!

I know I skipped a few adjustments but nothing really spectacular happened since my last blog post.

Adjustment #3 I stayed in the same size wires and same spring.  I went with pink bands.  I was a little sore after just from the orthodontist taking the old rubber bands off and putting the new ones one but not too bad.

Adjustment #4 I got a thicker wire on top.  The assistant really had to work that wire in place!  It's more of a squared wire than round.  My teeth were super sore!  The bottom wire stayed the same but I got a longer, thicker spring.  This really helped make room for my stubborn tooth.  I have a big gap on the bottom now!  I choose green bands.

So much movement in one month.

Look at that gap!

That spring really bothered me.  It stuck out pretty far and constantly rubbed on my lip.  I actually had to use wax again. 

Adjustment #5 was yesterday.  Same size wire on the top since I just went up in size last month.  They re-installed a bracket on my stubborn tooth (that's what my orthodontist calls it) and hooked it into the wire.  I actually went down in wire size so it would bend easier.
You can really see the difference in the size of the top wire.

There was some left over glue on my stubborn tooth that the ortho had to grind off.  It made my tooth a little sensitive and now I'm worried for when the time comes to get them all off.    

Next month if that bottom tooth has moved into place my orthodontist will work on closing the gap on the bottom.  I went with silver rubber bands this time.    

I've noticed that my lips are so chapped lately.  Anyone have an suggestions for a really good lip balm?