Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY Yarn Pompom's

I am running the Tinker Bell Half Marathon on January 19th.  I’ve started to put the finishing touches on my costume.  I decided I needed pompom’s for my shoes but I didn’t want to spent $9 or $10 bucks to order some off of Etsy.com so I searched Pinterest and made my own.


All you need is some cheap yarn.  This was on sale at Michaels for just over $2.00.  And some cardboard.  I took a small box apart.


I used a drinking glass and the lid from some Airborne to draw my circles.  You will need two of these cardboard circles. 

Next I pulled out a length of yarn, cut it and began wrapping it around and around the two pieces of cardboard.  I though I’d never get done!  The yarn kept tangling up because you have to pull the whole length through the center circle each time.

I quickly gave up on that pompom and decided there had to be a better way.  I ended up cutting a small piece out of both circles.

This made it 100% easier to wrap the yarn and this way you just pull the yarn from the skein so you can wrap as much as you want.  I made about 3 layers of yarn.

Next you slide the scissors between the two pieces of cardboard and cut the yarn all the way around.  The yarn pieces should stay in the center hole of the cardboard circles. 

Then slide a long piece of yarn between the cardboard pieces and tie it tight around the yarn pieces. 


Slide the cardboard pieces off, trim any long pieces and fluff into a ball.

 Super easy and they look so cute!


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