Thursday, February 22, 2018

Day 15, 3 molar bands and metal spacers

The past 7 days have been rather un-eventful, which is a good thing!  I’ve been trying to eat different foods besides soup and applesauce.  We had Blaze Pizza (for the first time) on Sunday.  I had to cut it up into little pieces because there is still so much pressure on my teeth that I couldn’t bite it.  Chewing was a little hard with the rubber spacers and it took forever just to eat half of it but I managed.  Luckily it was a single restroom so I didn’t feel too weird brushing my teeth after I ate. 

I went to my appointment on my lunch break again.  This time I was out in less than 30 minutes.  No lose brackets!!  They started by removing the purple rubber spacers.  Some were still tight so there was a lot of pressure when they were pulled out.  Next she held different size molar bands against my teeth until she found ones that fit.  There was a lot of pressure as each one was pressed on.  I then had to bite down on some kind of tool at all different angles that felt like it was positioning the molar band correctly.  After 3 were installed she asked me how they felt.  They were fine but one on the top I could feel against my gum so she lowered it a little bit.  Then told me she was going to take them all off so she could glue them on.  There was just as much pressure taking them off as putting them on!  After drying the inside of the bands she spread some type of cement/glue on the inside of the bands, dried my tooth and pressed in on again.  They went on much easier. 

Top left molar band
Top right molar band
Bottom right molar band

I had one molar on the bottom where the space was still too tight to fit a molar band.  I now have a metal spacer.  Basically she twisted a piece of wire together between my teeth.  Once again there was a lot of pressure but no pain.  I have to go back in 1 week to get the last molar band installed and then it will be monthly appointments.  They left the same wire and rubber bands on.  Once I have all 4 molar bands they will install a new wire that attaches to the molar bands.
metal wire spacers

As I was leaving, the assistant asked me if I had received my kit last time.  Nope, I had not received a kit.  I was actually going to ask about it since my boyfriend got one from his orthodontist and I hadn’t. 
The kit included a toothbrush, floss, floss threaders, a travel toothbrush, a dental mirror, a timer, wax and a little brush.

I wasn't given a color choice.  Maybe they only have green.
 I can already tell that these molar band are going to drive me nuts!  The attachments on the side stick out more than the brackets and are rubbing my cheeks raw.  Wax to the rescue!  Other than that I don't notice them.

I have included a progress photo.  I know it's only been 2 weeks, well one since the re-install, but I want to see some movement!  If you've had/have braces how long before you could see a difference?


  1. I wish I could remember! What I do remember is that it seemed like it took forever to see movement, but then all of a sudden, there it was! I took photos once a week, which made it much easier to see small amounts of movement. I think I had most of my movement between month 2 and 5. Now I am getting close to six months, the movement has slowed down. I still have two incisors up top that have been verrrrry slooooow to move. I am older (56), so I suspect that is the problem. My bottom arch moved much faster.

    1. I take pictures each month when I have my adjustment. I think I have stubborn teeth! Lol!

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