Wednesday, July 10, 2019

2019 Sugar Daddy Half Marathon

On Saturday, June 15, 2019 I ran the Sugar Daddy Half Marathon.  Named for being on Father’s Day weekend and for the free ice cream at the finish line.  This is the 4th year for this race (which also includes a 10k, 5k and kid’s races) and I have run this race every year since the first making me a legacy runner.  
Walking to the start/finish area.
I arrived around 5:15am so I could get parked and pick up my bib and shirt.  I really appreciate that race day packet pick-up is offered (for free!).  It was a cool 59 degrees when I got there. I parked easily and then it was a short walk to the start/finish line area.  There was a small line for packet pick-up (maybe 5 people).  Instead of walking back to my car I used gear check for my shirt and jacket right before the race started.  Bags are not provided but I knew this ahead of time and had brought my own.

I took a few pictures of the start/finish line area, took the Runners Lane group photo and before I knew it, it was time to run.  The race started exactly on time (6:20am) which is always nice.  I snapped a few pictures while out on the course.  This race is run on the Paseos of Santa Clarita so there are no cars to watch out for (just bicyclists). 

The aid stations were spaced out well and well stocked.  They advertise this race as “cup-less” but they always have tiny shot glass size cups of water and electrolytes which I think is the perfect size anyway.

I was very happy with the weather this day.  Although it was humid, it stayed cool.  Unlike past years when it’s been close to 100 degrees at the end of the race!  

I’m a mid to back of the pack runner and there was still plenty of snacks and bottles of water left when I finished.  Including home made chocolate chip cookies!  

I made my way over to the Ben & Jerry’s truck to get my free ice cream.  There was only one flavor left (I think there was 4 to start with) but I like all ice cream! 

After snapping a few photos, I headed out.  It was around 9:15am.  It’s such an accomplishment to have completed a half marathon before a lot of people have even gotten out of bed!

One of the nice things about this race is the free race photos.  And the medals are always awesome and huge!  I will continue to run this race (and keep my legacy status) for as long as I can. 

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