Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Day 266 – Teeth filing

It's Halloween!

I had another adjustment today.  On the top my orthodontist left the same wire in place and just changed out the power chain.  I went with a light purple this time.  There’s not as many color choices in the chains as there is in the individual rubber bands. 

On the bottom he said we’re going to work on closing up some of these gaps.  He asked the assistant to remove the wire and he came back with a Dremel looking tool!  He explained that my bottom front teeth were like an upside-down triangle and he had to shave some tooth off the sides or else the gaps at the bottom would never close.  I thought he was going to numb me first but he assured me I wouldn’t feel a thing.  I totally didn’t believe him because it hurts even when they’ve had to scrape glue off a tooth to fix a broken bracket.  But…I really didn’t feel it.  The noise sounded like I was getting a cavity filled but there was no pain!   

After my teeth were made more rectangular (rather than triangular) he had the assistant install a thicker wire on the bottom and a power chain again.  I was a little sore leaving the orthodontist office but I was really sore this morning.  But I expect it now.
Day 1 vs. Day 266
Day 1 vs. Day 266
 I’m looking forward to seeing how my bottom teeth come together over these next 4-5 weeks.
More uniform shaped teeth compared to last month.

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