Monday, October 1, 2018

Day 2 - Fun Day at Sea

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Today is a Sea Day.  That means we will be sailing all day.

We got up around 9:30am.  I went outside to check the weather.  Deck 10 on the Splendor has a door that takes your right outside to a little deck area.  I call it our secret deck because they is hardly ever anyone out there.  It was a little chilly and windy outside.

Around 10:00am we made our way to the Gold Pearl dining room for Seaday Brunch.  A bread basket with sweet breads was brought around the table.  I had a slice of banana bread and it was so good.


I ordered the fruit platter with cottage cheese and the pancakes with blueberries.  Henry had the steak and eggs which he really enjoyed.

We finished with breakfast around 11:00am then we headed back to the room to rest a little bit.  At noon we headed to the Lido deck to watch the Mixology contest.  The winner got their drink featured (for sale) for the rest of the cruise.

Around 12:45 we headed up to the Spa and I relaxed on a heated bench and read my Kindle until 2:00pm.

Next we headed back out to the Lido deck for pizza!

After the pizza Henry went back to the Spa and I spent some time looking around the gift shops and watching trivia being played at the Atrium Lobby.

At 4:00pm it was time for Build a Bear.  Yes, I did build a bear and no, I wasn't the only adult to make one.  They have a Carnival exclusive bear that you can only get on a Carnival Cruise ship.  Carnival did a big Teddy Bear party with so many treats.

Evey one who was going to build a bear received a heart and Leon, our cruise director, led us in a little ceremony.

The stuffed animals themselves were $26 and the outfits were $12-$15.  I only purchased the bear because I had brought some clothes with me that I purchased pre-owned on eBay.  We did receive a backpack with the bear.

After building my bear I met Henry back in the room and we walked around the ship a bit then we relaxed until dinner.  It was the first (of 2) formal dinners.  We had dinner around 6:00pm.

The bread with the seeds and raisins was my favorite!

For my appetizer I had the tart with braised kale and blackened tenderloin.  Henry had the fried oysters.

My main course was the root vegetables in a pie crust and Henry had the broiled Maine lobster tail.  2 actually!

For dessert we shared the creme' brulee.

I may have marked "anniversary" on our reservation when it asked if we were cruising to celebrate anything...well our waiter brought us out a cake and sang to us!

We also had dancing waiters tonight which is always fun especially when everyone gets into it.  

When we returned to our room it had been cleaned and we had our first towel animal.  We also received a $12.00 photo gift card for our anniversary and the next's day's Fun Times.

We went and relaxed in the spa for a few hours then headed to the comedy show at 9:15pm.  After the first comedy show we watched karaoke for a bit then hung out in the piano bar.  We also saw the 2nd comedy show (different comedian) at 11:00pm.   After that we swung by the dance club for a few minutes and ended up calling it a night by midnight.  



  1. Looks like a really fun day at sea with a lot to do! The food looks delicious.

    1. It is! I always eat so much when I cruise!